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Services & Rates

After a free consultation, we will provide a detailed quote to address your unique pet issues.

Katherine welcomes and appreciates phone calls. In fact, she begins every consultation with a phone call to get further details to help her fully understand your pet(s) and your family's situation before providing a final quote. She will gather information about other pets in the home, behavioral issues of the "problem pet" as well as interactions among all of the pets, children, family lifestyle, recent family household changes (i.e. new pet, new baby) or changes to routine, etc. Please be sure to include your phone number when you contact Animal Psychology Center.

Adult Dog Obedience Training – Sit, stay, come, heel, proper leash behavior at and away from home!

  • Dog Socialization – Preparing your dog for dog parks or doggy daycare.
  • Working with Pets and Children; Pets and New Baby – Help with integrating kids and pets; deciding on children’s roles in pet care and training. Intervention where pets are reacting negatively to a new baby in the household.
  • Bridging Multi-Pet Households – Creating harmony in households with multiple pets.

Our Services

Selecting the right animal (dogs) from the outset is very important. Whether you are purchasing an animal or adopting from a shelter, I can help you find a healthy animal that is a good fit for your temperament, lifestyle, home environment, family, and special needs.

Rates - (Initial Consultation Free!)

* Initial Consultation FREE - 15 minute phone conversation (behavior issues, service dog, therapy dog, training - provide price range after the consultation)
Training at Center (for Behavior Issues)

Range $650 - $1800

  • Dog with Behavioral Issues
  • Whole Family with all Pets Present
  • Evaluation of Canine Behavior
  • Game Plan – Adjust by number, ages and abilities of family members
  • Attend to Multiple and/or Difficult Issues - Behavioral Canine Training
  • Homework
  • Coaching via Phone Call or Skype
  • Follow-Up (4 Weeks)
Puppy/Young Dog Package (Training - 4 Sessions)


  • 4 Sessions at Center in Philip, SD
  • Basic Obedience
  • Manners
  • Evaluation
  • Leadership
  • Communication (Owner/Dog)
  • Boundaries
  • Social Skills
  • Boarding - $45/day
  • Daycare - $45/day
  • Grooming: call 605.390.7295‍ for quote.
Group Classes (Training)


  • Offered in Rapid City and Pierre, SD
  • Custom Group Training developed by Katherine Andrews
  • Name of Class: Does Your Fido Need Fixing?
  • Basic & Advanced Social Skills
  • Working within a Group/Leadership Skills
  • You are Given the Opportunity to test for a Canine Good Behavior Title!

Rates - Service & Therapy Dog Training

Budget Training Package

$650 - $950

  • Katherine will coach you to train your own service dog. Katherine will do the evaluations and design the training programs. You do the repetition and teaching with your dog.
  • Cost depends upon current level of obedience and basic social skills.
Full Service Training Package

$8,000 - $15,000

  • Fully Trained & Ready to Go Service Dog
  • Call 605-390-7295‍ for more details!
Hybrid Package

$3000 - $8000

  • You do what you can do, and Katherine will provide training when needed.
  • Call 605-390-7295‍ for more details!

Having Fun at the Animal Psychology Center!

  • Katherine Andrews

    Katherine Andrews

    Animal Behaviorist
    Animal Psychology Center in Philip, South Dakota, is a pet psychology center owned by animal behaviorist and trainer, Katherine Andrews. Services and training are available in Rapid City, SD, and many desperate owners have traveled in from other states for her specialized expertise.

    My passion is to train and rehabilitate dogs with behavioral issues. Some even call me a "dog whisperer" thanks to my ability to work through particularly tough behavior problems and help with aggressive dogs, even when other trainers have failed and owners have nearly given up.

    Through my early love for animals, I developed it into a lifetime career and commitment. Backed with 20 years of animal training experience, I take pride in making life better for people and pets through my animal psychology services.


    - Head Trainer for Paws Humane Society in Pierre, SD
    - Head Trainer for Lane Logan Memorial Foundation
    - Better Business Bureau Rating A+

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