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Behavioral Issues & Training

Katherine will help you establish yourself as “pack leader” to improve your pet’s behavior.

Puppy TrainingIt is important to train and socialize your puppy the moment your puppy comes into the house. I work with clients to establish rules and boundaries, discourage playful biting, housebreaking, and beginning obedience. We create a schedule for age appropriate training and social skills.

Puppy training will make sure dogs have a healthy and working relationship with other pets, children, and new babies.

Give your puppy a solid foundation of basic behaviors. Your personal sessions will include:

  • Basic Social Skills with People and Other Dogs
  • Boundaries and Manners
  • Corrections for Unwanted Behaviors (biting, jumping up, etc.)
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Any other "Puppy" issues you may Need Help with!

Beginner Training (for puppies 3-5 months old)

We will go over and review all the above puppy training, plus:

  • Advanced Leash Walking
  • Leave It & Drop It; Wait
  • Meeting a Friendly Stranger
  • House Manners; How to Welcome a Guest in Your Home
  • Distractions
  • Any Other "Issues" You May Want to Address

Individual sessions are $250.00 with a follow-up session in three to four weeks.

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Having Fun at the Animal Psychology Center!

  • Katherine Andrews

    Katherine Andrews

    Animal Behaviorist
    Animal Psychology Center in Philip, South Dakota, is a pet psychology center owned by animal behaviorist and trainer, Katherine Andrews. Services and training are available in Rapid City, SD, and many desperate owners have traveled in from other states for her specialized expertise.

    My passion is to train and rehabilitate dogs with behavioral issues. Some even call me a "dog whisperer" thanks to my ability to work through particularly tough behavior problems and help with aggressive dogs, even when other trainers have failed and owners have nearly given up.

    Through my early love for animals, I developed it into a lifetime career and commitment. Backed with 20 years of animal training experience, I take pride in making life better for people and pets through my animal psychology services.


    - Head Trainer for Paws Humane Society in Pierre, SD
    - Head Trainer for Lane Logan Memorial Foundation
    - Better Business Bureau Rating A+

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We are Hiring!

Full time and Part time position. Work housing options.

Daily Duties:
  • Cleaning Kennels and Yards
  • Cleaning Center
  • Monitoring Dogs
  • Grooming
  • Walking Dogs

Opportunity to move up: Advance in Dog Training, put in hours while working to get certified. Dog Training will be considered after being on the job for awhile.

Location: Philip, SD

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