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Beautiful Maine Coon Cats for Sale!

Imported directly from Europe!

Looking for a giant Maine Coon cat with a silky coat you could pet all day long?

You are in the right place, Maine Coon cats are the perfect companion. Maine coon’s kindly disposition and intelligence makes them a great choice for a therapy cat, they are trainable and the out-going type that loves to be social. Their affection is contagious, and spans out to more than just humans, of course this will vary on how they were socialized in the first three months of their life. Even loud children will not deter the gentle giant from playing.

Being socially outgoing they are an oddball in the cat world, they are also one of the oldest cat breeds. In 1895 a Maine Coon, Cosey, won Best Cat in the United States first major cat show. Cosey’s awards are displayed at the Feline Historical Museum. Maine Coons are amazing therapy cats and will want to do everything with you, possibly even shower with you, and there are endless looks with about 75 color combinations within the breed.

Maine Coon cats grow until they are 3 years old.

Our beautiful Maine Coon Cats come from Europe, they have all the ideal coon features; lynx ear tufts, silky coats, lion like face structure, and large!

FUN FACT: Maine Coons have Tufted Paws so they can walk on snow, despite their weight!

All of these cats have been well-socialized with other cats, dogs, and children. They live indoors and go outside (weather permitting) in a large kitty enclosure!

Maine Coon Cat - SEVIN!

Sevin is a really cool dude. He is very laid back, affectionate and sensitive. He is currently 19 pounds and expected to be 22 pounds when fully grown. His purchase price was $4500. He is for sale for $2800. He is an intact male and would make a great breeding cat because he does not mark in the house.

Maine Coon Cat - OCTAVIA!

Octavia is a very sweet and loving 2-year-old female. She is active and playful. She is currently 15 pounds and expected to be 16-17 pounds when fully grown. She could be bred or spayed. Her purchase price was $4500. She is for sale for $2500.

Maine Coon Cat - ASLAN!

Aslan is a 2-year-old neutered male. He is the friendliest cat you will ever meet. He is currently 18 pounds and expected to be 20 pounds when fully grown. He is imported from Europe and originally cost $4500. He is for sale for $2500.

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